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*CVTC Library: Using Films on Demand: Playlists & Favorites

Everything you need to know about using Films on Demand as a resource or a powerful instruction tool!

Create a User Account

In order to create playlists and favorites, you will need to create a User Log In account which is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

At the top of the Films On Demand page, select Create Account or click on the link below.

Click here for short video on how to create an account 

  Creating Playlists

A Playlist is a customized list of segments and/or video titles that you create. Each playlist will create a specific URL which you can then play in class, email to your students, or add to e360. To create a playlist, first create a User Log In (see above). 

  • To add a video to the playlist, click on the .  Then name your playlist and Add.
  • You can add specific video segments or whole video titles to a playlist.
  • View your playlists by selecting the My Playlists tab at the top
  • Make sure to get the playlist URL located in the "Title URL" box located in the bottom, left of the screen if you are going to send it in an e-mail or add video URLs in e360. (Do not use the URL at the top of your browser.) Click here for a video on permalinks. 
  • If you are emailing the link, it is a good idea to email the link to yourself first. Then you can use your email client (Outlook, yahoo, gmail, etc.) to forward the link. This will enable you to use any of your contact lists and the sent email will appear in your sent items folder. 
  • If you are adding the URL link to e360, you may need to add the Proxy prefix to the beginning of the URL. If you see the prefix " front of the URL, you can just copy and paste the link as is.


Click here for how-to videos:
>> creating playlists
>> organizing playlists
>> editing playlists
>> sharing playlists

Creating Favorites

Favorites allow you to store videos in personal folders for quick access (similiar to bookmarking web sites as Favorites in Internet Explorer). To create favorites, first create a User Log In account (see above).

  • To add a video to the Favorites folder, click on heart icon or "Add to Favorites" underneath the video playing window.
  • You will be prompted to either add to an existing folder, or create a new favorites folder.
  • To view the contents of your favorites folders, click on the Favorites tab at the top of the page.
  • On this tab, you can create folders, rename folders and delete folders.
  • Click on a folder name to see what videos are in that specific folder.
  • You can then add a particular video to a playlist by clicking on the plus sign symbol or delete it by clicking on the trash can symbol.