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Online learning platform with over 13,000 courses taught by real-world experts. Includes content.

Introducing LinkedIn Learning.

How Can LinkedIn Learning Support You?

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Then, check out this Using LinkedIn Learning video collection, curated by your librarian.


Q: Do I have to be registered to view videos?

A: Yes. Please make sure you take a moment to activate your account before trying anything else related to Linkedin Learning. You can activate your account at the top right of this page or by clicking on this Linkedin Learning Activation Link.

Q: Do I need to link my Linkedin Account with my Linkedin Learning account?  

A: This is completely optional. Learners with connected accounts will have a more personalized learning experience with features like Recommended for you, Editor's Picks, and Trending on LinkedIn Learning. Whereas, learners who don't connect their LinkedIn profile will just receive some recommendations based on indicated title and skills of interest.

Q: How do I share videos?

A: Simple. Click on the directional arrow at the top right of any video and select from the options shown.

Image showing how to share a video in LinkedIn Learning

Q: How do I embed videos?

A: We ask that you use direct links instead.

Q: How do I create a Learning Collection

A: For general information on this, visit LinkedIn's Creating Learning Collections page.

Q: I still have questions or am an staff/faculty looking to do something else.

A: If you don’t find the answer to your question here, you can email Nic Ashman at for additional assistance.

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