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Entrepreneurial Ideas

This guide is your link between the Entrepreneurial Ideas course and the CVTC Library!

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Need to visit, use a study room, or check out a charger?


All the Things you can Check Out - including Study Rooms


Check out these business centered databases:

Business Source Premier (Ebsco)

The industry's most widely used business research database, Business Source Premier features full text and searchable cited references for top journals covering a variety of business disciplines.


A series of research reports covering U.S. and European marketplaces. Each market research report combines data and analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share analysis and consumer profiles.


Search across ALL of the Library's resources in one place!

Need some help using OneSearch? 


For a refresher on how to identify scholarly items in OneSearch, or elsewhere, please click HERE.

Non-library web-based resources

American Fact Finder

Provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. 

The data in American FactFinder come for several censuses and surveys.

U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)

An independent agency of the federal government that seeks to aid, counsel, assist, and protect the interests of small business concerns,

to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.


You can also find demographics for clients' social media accounts.

With their permission, of course.

Audience Insights (Facebook Demographics) 

You must be logged into a page's FB account to use this tool.

An audience creation tool from Facebook lets you create any sort of target demographic and shows you the breakdown of the audience slice you’ve chosen. One of the quickest ways to learn about those who have liked your page is to run insights on that specific segment.

Citation Tools


You don't have to create citations on your own.
There are a number of tools to help.

If you found your article/book in OneSearch, there is a citation tool on the right toolbar!

Click "Cite" while viewing the material, select your citation style at the top, and copy and paste into your paper's references.

Remember to double check the citation for accuracy!

What if I don't cite my sources of information?

That's called plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Here are a couple of additional links to help you avoid doing it.

Plagiarism Tutorial: You Quote It, You Note It!

Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources

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