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Library Policies: Mission Overview

Mission, Goals, and Core Abilities

Library Mission

CVTC Library serves as College's premier information center by providing the necessary resources to all students, employees, and community of the College while also assisting our patrons in accessing, understanding, and successfully using these resources effectively.

Library Goals

The Library strives to meet the following goals to successfully serve the College's information needs:

  • Provide easy, reliable access to Library resources.
  • Provide authoritative information for College stakeholders.
  • Teach information literacy to all Library users through classroom instruction and/or program engagement.
  • Promote literacy to students for personal enrichment and to encourage life-long learning through critical thinking.

Library & Core Abilities

CVTC Library's Mission and Goals are in alignment with the College's Mission & Vision Statement and promotes the Core Abilities through the following:

  • MODELS INTEGRITY: The Library models integrity by providing fair, equal, and consistent access to important information resources and a physical safe-zone space for students, which is in accordance to Library policies and procedures.This is done while adhering to the following criteria:​
  1. Demonstrate ethical behavior
  2. Practice personal accountability
  3. Demonstrate ethical behavior
  4. Applies quality standards
  5. Follows sustainable practices
  • THINKS CRITICALLY: The Library promotes critical thinking through the development of a rigorous, unbiased collection of information resources for student use and also through the Library as a meeting and technological space for students to collaborate. This is done by promoting the following criteria:
  1. ​​Applies problem solving strategy
  2. Acquires relevant information
  3. Uses technology and other resources appropriately
  4. Evaluates alternatives
  5. Constructs probing questions
  • COMMUNICATES EFFECTIVELY: The Library strives to provide effective communication of Library services, resources, policies, and procedures through classroom instruction, outreach services, programming, clear written policies, and multiple channels of available communication. This is done while practicing the following criteria:
  1. ​Adapts communication for audience
  2. Speaks clearly, concisely, and professionally
  3. Writes clearly, concisely, and professionally
  4. Practices active listening
  5. Reads critically
  • VALUES DIVERSITY: The Library values diversity by providing fair, consistent services to all patrons in accordance to Library policies, maintaining a diverse collection of information resources using input from multiple stakeholders, serving as a physical safe-zone for students, and also by striving to serve as an ally to our diverse student population. This is done through practicing and promoting the following criteria:
  1. ​Recognizes personal biases
  2. Demonstrates respectful and inclusive interactions
  3. Adapts to culturally diverse situations
  4. Works effectively with others
  5. Demonstrates global awareness

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday | 7:30 am - 8 pm

Friday | 7:30 am - 5 pm

Saturday | 9 am - 3 pm

Sunday | Closed

Closed during College-observed holidays

Effective August 30-December 20, 2021