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Healthcare Data Analytics Certificate

You may also be interested in the Healthcare Data Analytics Certificate

Learners explore healthcare delivery systems and regulatory environment, compliance, healthcare data collection principles, data structure and standardization and interoperability. Further focus involves use of technology in healthcare, including common business software applications, patient portals, healthcare databases, administrative and clinical information systems, and a variety of electronic health record (EHR) simulation.

The courses provide in-depth study of specific tools and hands-on activities including Dia, relational-database, SQL, MySQL, data normalization, information system design, Entity-Relationship Diagrams, and relational data modeling and testing.

Medical Coder Diploma

You may also be interested in the Medical Coder Technical Diploma

Start a rewarding career in healthcare with the new Medical Coder program. Learn the skills critical to keeping medical facilities running efficiently and earn a degree that can help you move up the ladder in your organization.

This one-year technical diploma prepares you for the fast-paced, technology-focused work environment of a Medical Coder. In this essential position, you will learn to review medical documentation provided by doctors and medical professionals and translate it into the codes that are essential for billing and reimbursement. You may also earn certification from the American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Throughout the program, students will learn to:

  • Collect health data
  • Review clinical documentation to ensure accurate diagnostic and procedural coding
  • Assign diagnosis and procedure codes for billing, quality improvement, statistical reporting, and medical research
  • Use electronic applications to support coding and data collection
  • Apply coding and reimbursement systems

Your Instructors

Trina Blaschko, MS, RHIT
Health Information Management & Technology Instructor

Jen Feltes, BA, RHIT
Health Information Management & Technology Instructor

Kris Zimmerman-Bignell

Kris Zimmerman-Bignell, MS, RHIA
Health Information Management & Technology Instructor

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